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If you're ready to get the clarity you need to finally cross "start investing" off the to-do list, you're ready for my Investing with Confidence course! Join the waitlist below:

Start Investing with Confidence         


The infinite investment options and professionals (each with different advice) can make it impossible to know what to do or who to trust.
Even if you do take a step, it's easy to get lost in the account options and fee structures.

But here's the problem. Each year you don't get started, you lose the opportunity to gain compound interest, growth and control of your future! In addition, money uninvested is losing purchasing power due to inflation. By not investing, you’re almost guaranteeing a loss every year.

If you're ready to get the clarity you need to finally cross "start investing" off the to-do list, you're ready for my Investing with Confidence course!

Don't let the fear of the unknown hold you back.

Many of my clients want to invest but feel paralyzed by:

→ A limited budget
→ The overwhelming amount of information
→ The endless options
→ Their current financial situation

No one wants to lose money or make bad investment decisions they don't understand. So instead, we often don't do ANYTHING in an effort to stay safe.

It makes sense. 


Unlike traditional investment courses, I've designed every aspect to be fun and interactive. No boring lectures full of jargon - we're talking step by step video presentations that eliminate the need for endless analysis. Get the information you need - nothing else.

Investing with Confidence

here's what's included:

→ Video presentations that are fun and easy to follow.
→ Live Q&A sessions to answer specific questions or gain clarity on any topics you choose.
→ A wrap-up call with me to get personalized answers for your exact situation.

here's what's not included:

→ Impractical examples with unrealistic investments or returns.
→ Unnecessary information about P.E. Ratios, derivatives, futures, etc.
→ Judgment or criticism about your financial situation or past history.

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Great question! I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, also known as a CFP®, which is the standard of excellence in financial planning. I worked in finance for over ten years and 1-on-1 with clients as a licensed Financial Advisor and Stock Broker for over six. I held Series 6, 66 and 7 licenses. One in four financial advisors holds this designation and only 6% are female!
Plus, I love helping people gain control of their financial life by explaining investing in a way I wish I had learned!

I believe everyone deserves expert advice to help them on their financial journey.

Who is Maggie?


What makes me uniquely qualified to teach you how to invest?

Here's what my clients think about learning this way:

Maggie made me feel so comfortable sharing my financial stress. Sharing my debt is like sharing your deepest secrets and within minutes of talking to Maggie she normalized my situation and gave me hope!

I feel empowered and in control now that I have put it all out there and analyzed each area of my finances. Maggie provides clear, realistic and achievable goals - organized in easy to follow charts and gives you weekly to-do's.

She is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom and gives you examples from her own life on how to make it happen.

In the past I thought talking to a financial planner would feel corporate/stuffy and I'd be intimidated and not relate but this was a wonderful experience that I'd love to share with my friends/family.

Meet Meredith

Maggie is kind and extremely qualified to guide anyone in their financial journey. She simplifies budgeting, saving and investing in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand and does not end any meetings without ensuring her clients have an end in sight.

I have already recommended her services and will continue to do so. I am more conscious about my spending and I think more about the goals Maggie helped me set and what I can do now to make sure I achieve them.

I appreciate your help so much, Maggie! You are a gem and your services are much needed for those who have not felt empowered about their finances.

Meet Whitney

Maggie was able to meet me at my level.

She made me feel comfortable sharing my financial situation during the uncertainty of today and the unknown of the future. To anyone that is looking for guidance on their financial future, don’t wait as long as we did, even in uncertain times, we all need a plan.

 Maggie is amazing and made me feel super comfortable even when I had no idea what I was doing, she helped us create a foundation and get on track.

Meet Traci