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I believe that everyone should have access to professional investment advice without feeling unworthy, unwelcome, or uneducated. 

I’m not your traditional financial advisor, but I used to be. Now, I work in a unique and collaborative way with clients to help them invest with confidence so they can accelerate the time it takes to reach their goals.

Here, your value has nothing to do with your net worth.

I'm Maggie

Did you know?

Traditional financial advisors often use high fee funds in addition to their annual 1% fee

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Small changes to improve your 401k investments can help you retire years sooner.

Investing $6k per year can get you over a million dollars in 30 years.

If you're ready to start investing but find financial planning daunting, you're in the right place. 

No intimidating financial professionals or unattainable minimum investment requirements here. Just a real-life expert in your corner to help you learn and succeed with money!

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Want to invest in the stock market? Not sure where to start?

My 4 step guide includes everything you need to get your money growing! I'll walk you through the cash you need, how to begin, account options and where to start your first investment!

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As an ex-financial advisor, I explain 3 major problems you'll face when working with a traditional financial advisor. 

Financial Advisor Flaws

The Cost of Waiting 3 Years to Start Investing

Backdoor Roth IRA Guide + Pro-Rata Rule Explained

10 Money Hacks of the Wealthy

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Investing Made Easy

If you're ready to get the clarity you need to finally cross "start investing" off the to-do list, you're ready for my Investing with Confidence course!
Unlike traditional investment courses, I've designed every aspect to be fun and interactive. No boring lectures full of jargon - we're talking step by step video presentations that eliminate the need for endless analysis. Get the information you need - nothing else.

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