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Financial Planning Services


Managing your money can feel like a full-time job, no matter how much (or little) you have. With a little bit of expert help, you can get clarity, direction and a clear path forward.

Just one hour with her is like sowing seeds to reap a rich harvest for your financial future!

- Nicole, orlando

It’s so much easier to reach your goals with an active plan and Maggie equips you with that.

- erika, orlando

When you speak with Maggie you feel like you’re speaking with a friend! It doesn’t feel robotic or like this is a job to her.

- tara, clarksville

Maggie is super approachable and relatable. She speaks from experience and expertise.

- daniela & ale, orlando

Maggie provides clear, realistic and achievable goals - organized in easy to follow charts and gives you weekly to-do's. 

- meredith, boston

Individual Session

Have questions or concerns and need someone to help? This one hour session is for you.
During our time together, we'll focus on one or more of the items below:

→ Addressing your top financial concerns and questions.
→ Assessing your overall financial situation and prioritizing your goals.
→ Identifying efficient solutions for your situation, from debt reduction to budgeting, saving and more.
→ Begin the investment conversation. We'll discuss how much you should have to get started, investment and account options and review any existing portfolio or strategy you have.
→ Includes a call recap with detailed steps to implement
 If you need help with multiple items, the Financial Planning Package below is for you!




THIS IS FOR you if you:

→ Want clarity in how to handle your finances
→ Have a specific question/topic you need guidance on
→ Don’t have a Financial Advisor you trust

Mini Financial Planning Package

This package of three one hour virtual sessions is designed to help make a plan for your money! If you need a strategy for success, this option is for you.
During our time together, we will cover as much as possible including:

→ Review your current financial picture, including existing investment accounts, net worth and more.
→ Establish short-term and long-term financial objectives.
→ Prioritize goals, and assign a dollar amount to apply towards each so you can accelerate your financial growth.
→ Determine which account types to use for each goal, selecting from Roth, Traditional IRA, 401k, brokerage, savings and more. 
→ Select investments for each account established.
→ Includes a call recap with detailed steps to implement.




THIS IS FOR you if you:

→ Have multiple financial topics you want guidance on
→ Want a plan to keep you on track towards your goals
→ Want to be strategic and thoughtful with your money

Upcoming Group Coaching

Looking for financial guidance, but tight on funds? Group coaching can be a great alternative to individual sessions. Coming early 2023, join the waitlist and get notified when spots open.



Full Financial Planning Packages Available

A comprehensive, personalized financial plan developed over 6 months. Starting at $2,500.


Client Praise

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Yes, I would recommend guidance with Maggie because she listens and offers sound advice that’s suitable to your financial situation. Taking this first step was definitely out of my comfort zone but she made me feel at ease with her expertise financial guidance. She showed me options that are available and the different types of paths to consider when it comes to investing.

My main financial concern prior to meeting Maggie was understanding what was happening with my retirement funds and the best allocation for me. In addition, not knowing where to even begin or what path to take when it comes to investing. I was always intimidated due to my lack of education and knowledge in finances, now I know the prospects of reallocating my retirement funds strategically for future growth.

I left with more confidence and had so many great takeaways. I can’t thank her enough for her insights and financial guidance. Thank you Maggie!

Meet Wellta

The feeling of being embarrassed that I don’t have my financials all together in this stage of my life kept me from seeking guidance in the past. Maggie reassured me that no matter what stage you are in life it’s okay to be where I am not everyone has their stuff together. Maggie explained that it takes a lot of courage to ask for help and I’m headed in the right direction on getting my finances back on track. I love her for that.

After meeting with Maggie my mindset changed on how to budget for my short and long term financial goals. Most importantly I felt at ease that everything will be okay because even though our sessions are over she reassured me that she will be there if I needed her and that right there is exactly what I needed. Someone who doesn’t just do their job and forget but someone who loves what they do and still comes back to make sure you’re still on track. Maggie is a such an amazing financial advisor. She definitely helped get things into perspective. She was patient and didn’t rush the session because she really wanted me to get the best out of the session. 

Meet Courtney

As a business owner, I have managed my business budgeting for years. However, when it came to personal budgeting, there was definitely room for improvement. Maggie is a very open person who is flexible to hearing and adjusting to the needs of her clients. I explained my financial situation and Maggie was both empathetic and understanding, two things that are critically important traits for a financial advisor to have. Maggie helped me change the way that I managed my personal finances for the better while also helping me plan for retirement. 

I feel like I’m already in a much better place with my budget, spending, and retirement plans after just one consult with her. Maggie truly wants to help her clients and it shows. Along with all of Maggie’s amazing qualities, she has the credentials to back up her expertise having worked for top financial firms in Orlando. I look forward to my future meetings with Maggie. Just one hour with her is like sowing seeds to reap a rich harvest for your financial future!

Meet Nicole

Maggie was able to meet me at my level.

She made me feel comfortable sharing my financial situation during the uncertainty of today and the unknown of the future. To anyone that is looking for guidance on their financial future, don’t wait as long as we did, even in uncertain times, we all need a plan.

 Maggie is amazing and made me feel super comfortable even when I had no idea what I was doing, she helped us create a foundation and get on track.

Meet Traci

Maggie made me feel so comfortable sharing my financial stress. Sharing my debt is like sharing your deepest secrets and within minutes of talking to Maggie she normalized my situation and gave me hope!

I feel empowered and in control now that I have put it all out there and analyzed each area of my finances. Maggie provides clear, realistic and achievable goals - organized in easy to follow charts and gives you weekly to-do's.

She is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom and gives you examples from her own life on how to make it happen.

In the past I thought talking to a financial planner would feel corporate/stuffy and I'd be intimidated and not relate but this was a wonderful experience that I'd love to share with my friends/family.

Meet Meredith

Everyone needs a money coach like Maggie because she is so personable and down to earth. Her story is inspiring itself and she is very transparent experiences and advise.

It’s so much easier to reach your goals with an active plan and Maggie equips you with that. Don’t be afraid like many of us and not ask for guidance , she is worth it and very well diverse in her experience. I wished they taught more of this in school but they don’t therefore it is on us to use our good resources such as Maggie to educate ourselves to be able to reach our goals.

I loved her approach and how easy she made all the tools she shared with me, now I finally feel in control of my money!

Meet Erika

I came to Maggie because my fiancé owes significantly more on his car than it is worth. The payments are very high and it has been a pain point in our relationship.

She helped me and my fiancé understand the options we have available to us to lower our payments and gave us some very real information about the interest on the loan that we hadn’t caught in the fine print. Not only did she have all the data, but she was able to get us to have a conversation we were avoiding. We’re now pursuing other options and are incredibly thankful for her help.

Renee & Nate

Maggie provided so much guidance on my finances and took the time to understand what I was trying to achieve. I felt overwhelmed by my debt and didn’t know where to start! We created a unique plan based on my spending habits and future goals. I am finally tracking my spending and I feel like I have a grasp on how much I owe. With my new plan in place there is light at the end of the tunnel! Maggie is a very knowledgeable financial coach and even shared how she was able to reach her financial goals which made me feel like I can do the same!

Meet Kristina

Yes! 100000% yes! Maggie is super friendly, which makes her super approachable and relatable.

She speaks from experience and expertise, so I felt confident in trusting her advice. I feel a lot more secure in my decisions and plans. I still have goals, but now I have a clear path to achieve them.

Thank you, Maggie, for offering your services and for being a great human being.

Daniela and Ale

Maggie is kind and extremely qualified to guide anyone in their financial journey. She simplifies budgeting, saving and investing in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand and does not end any meetings without ensuring her clients have an end in sight.

I have already recommended her services and will continue to do so. I am more conscious about my spending and I think more about the goals Maggie helped me set and what I can do now to make sure I achieve them.

I appreciate your help so much, Maggie! You are a gem and your services are much needed for those who have not felt empowered about their finances.

Meet Whitney

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