A deep dive designed to help make sense of your investments and discover if what you have and who you trust are working for you!

Because it’s time to stop leaving money on the table.

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You’ve spent years working to get to where you are. Now it’s time to ensure that your money is in the right place - and in the right hands to support your goals.

As you continue to work and save, those unnecessary fees or inappropriate investment choices could delay your retirement rather than move you closer to the life you envision.

Answering these questions (and more) is exactly what we do on a VIP Day.

It’s time to stop putting off a review and face questions like:

  • Am I invested in the right funds?
  • Am I paying too much in fees?
  • How do I know that I have the right financial advisor?
  • Am I on track to retire when I want?
  • Is my financial advisor earning their fees (and what are they!?)

How Do We Get There?

Getting your finances in order is a priority. But where do you find the time with everything else you have to manage?

This is a question I’ve heard consistently, and it’s why the VIP Day is so effective at getting answers in the shortest amount of time.

I take a concierge, one-on-one approach to your finances so you can be confident that you have the best solutions in place, at the right costs, to maximize long-term success!

Whether you use a financial advisor or DIY your investments, you’re likely already paying thousands of dollars in fees a year. I help you assess if those costs make sense and are delivering a return on investment or if it’s time for them to go!

Here are the types of things I can accomplish for you in one day or less -

  • Review your current financial situation and offer suggestions to maximize investing opportunities - Including backdoor Roth IRA + Pro Rata calculations if applicable.
  • Review your current accounts to ensure you're not in high-fee, poor-performing funds - we'll do this together so you understand how to do this for yourself in the future.
  • Find replacement funds to optimize your account - we'll sell and buy directly in the session!
  • Consolidate old 401k/company retirement accounts that have been lingering for too long - we'll put transfer requests in during the session and create a plan for the cash!
  • Retirement and/or "mini-retirement" planning - we'll run numbers so you know what you need to save to reach your goals.
  • And more - a VIP Day is about you and setting you up for success!

I’m Ready For The VIP Experience


If you want to understand what you have (and make changes if necessary), reduce your fees, verify that your financial advisor (if you have one) is operating in your best interest, and feel confident that you’re on the right track for retirement - this is the perfect opportunity to check all the boxes!

What's Included?

Think of a VIP Day as a guided backstage tour through your finances. 

I Want A VIP Day Review

Yes - if you have a portfolio of $300k or more
Yes- if your accounts are scattered and neglected (old 401k’s lingering, perhaps?)
Yes - if you’re unsure about your fund selections or your account options
Yes - if you want to feel more confident, knowledgeable, and in control of your financial future

Are you ready?

Client Stories

My VIP Day with Maggie was eye-opening and valuable. I'd taken one of her courses a couple of years ago, which helped me better understand the basics of investing and gain the confidence to open my first brokerage account. 

During our VIP day, we revisited that account since I got cold feet and stopped my recurring contributions when the market kept underperforming earlier this year. I decided to keep the current allocations as-is, since the goal is for those investments to be long-term for retirement, with years for the market to bounce back. However, we spoke about considering some individual stocks in the near future. Maggie showed me how she goes about making those types of investments and commits to an annual review to determine future buy/sell decisions. This helped me get comfortable with the idea for my own portfolio.
On the topic of retirement, we also revisited a retirement planning tool to see how my current investments and future plans could have an impact. The results indicated I'm more than on track to reach my goal of early retirement, giving me the confidence to spend more on living a less frugal lifestyle in the meantime.

I'm excited Maggie is expanding her offerings to include a VIP Day! I found it valuable to revisit several financial topics and decisions with her. After taking her course a couple of years ago and following her educational content and tips online, I knew I could trust her guidance. If you're seeking more transparent information on a variety of financial topics with a hands-on approach customized to your situation, I'd highly recommend you consider her VIP Day too.

- Heather, CO

I had a 1:1 VIP day with Maggie over Zoom to help me optimize my financial portfolio. The day was very informative. Maggie is extremely patient and knowledgeable. The process was fantastic and long but worth the time. It was great to have a full day scheduled to complete the entire process. If not completed in one day, the process will never be completed or extremely delayed.

Prior to our meeting, Maggie emailed me to confirm all things needed for the day. During our time together, she did a breakdown of my 401k. She reviewed my investments and shared her screen so I could see her process. She then showed me how and why to select each fund and how to find and understand the fees associated with each.

We then discussed my annuity. She educated me on why someone may want an annuity and when they aren’t a good fit. 

After a clear discussion, we made changes to improve my investments and accounts.

At the end of the day, I understood the retirement portfolio changes I made and fees - saving over $300. I also made changes to my Annuity and saved over $4,000 annually. I am so thankful that Maggie has the passion and knowledge to help with investment strategy. She is an expert, and I encourage all who have a retirement plan or need one to connect with Maggie. She will assist with all stages of your financial investment journey.

- Deana, D.C.

Before meeting with Maggie, I was concerned because I didn’t understand the fees for each product I owned. During our meeting, Maggie helped me see the fees I pay to my advisor annually will cost me over $150k in the next 10 years alone. She showed me how to find the fees on my funds and those added up to $2k/year.

I would absolutely recommend a VIP day with Maggie because she will go over step-by-step where you are, explain what can help you and lay out a plan for you to follow.

Since meeting with Maggie, I have an understanding of what I am invested in. She helped me lower my current fee by $3k/year and showed me how I can manage my own portfolio when I’m ready. I opened an account and have purchased investments with her guidance to learn and get comfortable with the whole process.

Now, I feel like I have more control and I’m not at the mercy of someone else deciding what is best for me.

Maggie is so warm and friendly. I feel I can ask her anything and she will not talk down to me. She is not trying to sell some thing and it’s not persuaded by a company to push their product. So I totally trust the advice she is giving me. She truly wants to help people to empower themselves and their finances.

- Elizabeth, FL

Meet Maggie!

I've worked in finance for over ten years and one-on-one with clients as a licensed Financial Advisor and Stockbroker for over six. I held the Finra Series 66 and 7 licenses and am currently a Certified Financial Planner™.

In 2018, I left Wall Street to start Money with Maggie, where I work uniquely and collaboratively with clients to help them manage their investment portfolios and feel confident they're making the most out of their finances.
Throughout my career, I’ve helped hundreds of clients unpack their financial story, grow their net worth, and achieve their financial goals!


How much time do I need to commit to have a successful VIP Day?

How much time do I need to commit to have a successful VIP Day?

The process is designed to accomplish everything in one day (or less)! We’ll talk throughout the VIP Day, tackling one thing at a time. There will be plenty of breaks throughout the day when I review your accounts, performance, fees, etc. During our time, we’ll make changes so that you’re confident you have the right accounts and investments. You’ll understand what you see when you log into your accounts and know the optimal order for investing your money between your retirement and non-retirement accounts going forward!

I have under $300k invested, but I want to understand my investments and take charge of my finances - can I still sign up?

I have under $300k invested, but I want to understand my investments and take charge of my finances - can I still sign up?

Awesome! It is never too early to take control of your finances. While the VIP Day investment makes the most sense for someone with $300k or more invested, it can still be a great option if you’re close to that number. If you’re not, check out my __single sessions___ here, which can be the right step to help you get to $300k or more as quickly as possible!

What if I don’t use a financial advisor - is it still possible to save money?

What if I don’t use a financial advisor - is it still possible to save money?

Absolutely! A financial advisor is only one of the costs we’ll assess during a VIP day. I’ve helped my clients save thousands by moving assets from high-cost investments or funds to lower-cost and better-producing options!

If you’re ready to take control of your investments, increase your financial confidence, reduce what you’re paying, and know you’re headed for the future you desire - you’re ready for a VIP Day! 

Let’s Go!